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About Me.

Dr. Tim Quigley's government career began as a United States Marine in February of 1995 and concluded as a Special Agent with the the FBI on March 31, 2023.  As an infantryman in the Marines he was stationed at 29 Palms, California and as a Marine Security Guard, was stationed in Ankara, Turkey and Pretoria,South Africa.  As a Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Tim investigated and prosecuted numerous individuals who violated such federal crimes as Money Laundering, Securities Fraud, Mortgage Fraud, Advanced Title III Drug Cases, and other federal violations.  As a Hostage/Crisis Negotiator, Tim has organized and facilitated the FBI’s 40 Hour Crisis Negotiation Course, been involved in national and international kidnappings, received two FBI Director's Awards (one for bravery and one for an international kidnapping), and has held every position on a crisis negotiation team while deployed with the Horry County Crisis Negotiation Team and the Myrtle Beach Crisis Negotiation Team.  As an author, Tim has published the Evidence-Based Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Reference Guide and a study titled, "The Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Team Member's Perception of the Mental Health Professional."  Tim received his Ph.D. in Forensic Psychology May of 2018.  Tim has a beautiful wife and three amazing children.


Our Services


Evidence-Based Law Enforcement Courses

Advanced Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Courses for:
  • The Hostage / Crisis Negotiation Team

  • Special Teams (SWAT, BOMB, CIT Teams)

  • 911 Operators

  • School Resource Officers (SROs)

Other Law Enforcement courses approved, or soon to be approved, by the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy:
  • Effective Police Report Writing

  • Evidence collection and court presentation

  • Abnormal Psychology for Law Enforcement

  • Turning State and Local Drug cases Federal

  • How to analyze and detail white-collar criminal cases


Reference Guides

Evidence-Based Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Reference Guide (2nd Edition)

The Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Reference Guide for the MHP (Coming Soon)


Speaking Engagements

Tim Quigley is available to speak with crisis negotiators on numerous topics in which he has been directly involved with including:
  • Negotiating with Fire
  • De-escalation and U.S. Veterans
  • De-escalation and the Active Shooter
  • Mental Health & the Crisis Negotiator
Concrete Wall

The reference guide written by Dr. Timothy Quigley, The Evidence Based Hostage/Crisis Negotiation Reference Guide, is a “Go Bag” must have for any Hostage or Crisis negotiator.  The materials covered by Dr. Quigley in this guide will serve as an excellent resource material during the stress of an actual event. His insights regarding intelligence gathering, the use of active listening skills, mental health concerns and negotiations handled by text messaging are incredibly well articulated.

Scottie Frier, Training Coordinator, South Carolina Crisis Negotiators Association

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